A new chapter

Future promise

It was a case of love at first site that launched a new chapter in the history of Château Franc Mayne. Seduced by the charm of this property surrounded by vines and the promise of a wine that could be improved, the Savare family took over the reins in 2018.

Having already held investments in Bordeaux’s vineyards for more than 20 years, they have found the same commitment, values and expertise that are crucial in their own industry. This triptych enabled the family company to become a world leader in fiduciary printing. Undertaking the same quest for excellence, the family has laid the foundations for a long-term commitment to this Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé.

Personally involved, the new owners bring fresh drive and energy which has its origins in a two-fold motivation: to create a wine with a strong personality that reflects the richness of the terroir, and to maintain the property as a unique setting where one can experience the essence of the world of wine.

The charm of this property surrounded by vines and the promise of a wine that could be improved.

A dynamic renewal

One can make out the copperplate printing by touch on the label engraved by Oberthur Fiduciaire. Appearing from the 2018 vintage onwards, this nod to the Savare family’s original profession reflects their commitment to precision and detail from the outset.

A large-scale restructuring of the vineyard was undertaken to reveal the richness of the different soil types, and to develop the wines’ style towards a greater expression of the terroir and more freshness.

In this little seven-hectare jewel, that lends itself to privacy and contemplation, we look to the future, while at the same time preserving the authenticity that makes it so special.

The oak standing over the entrance to the quarries has become a symbol for Château Franc Mayne, embodying this vision. Representing strength and sustainability, it reflects carefully planned ambitions achieved over the long term. An imposing spectacle, it characterizes a landscape where nature reigns, a miraculous partner to our teams. Much admired by visitors, the oak welcomes them, like a benign guardian, and thus also serves as a symbol for the property’s hospitality and its special bond with wine lovers.

Determination and commitment

The Savare family and Pierre Arnald, director of the estate, have worked together for over 10 years. Through this collaboration, they have developed a mutual trust, loyalty and understanding. With Thomas Savare, who represents his family in the project’s management, they share the same approach to the application of rigorous standards. Each as determined as the other, they bring together a closely-knit team focused on achieving their ambitions in Saint Emilion.

After many years of experience in human resource management and international business, Pierre Arnald is now in charge of the entire project and continues to develop Franc Mayne both in France and abroad.


Our technical director, Sophie Mage, responsible for the vineyard and winery, also harbours a deep commitment to the achievement of excellence. Particularly aware of environmental issues and omnipresent in the field, she oversees every stage of the production process.

The heart of Château Franc Mayne beats on a daily basis through the personality and mobilization of this close team, who are totally committed to improving the property.

A new chapter - Château Franc Mayne - Château Franc Mayne
A new chapter - Château Franc Mayne - Château Franc Mayne
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