A property with character

A symbolic terroir

The property, which takes its name from the Côte des Francs, has seven hectares of vines in three separate geographical zones: plateau, hillside, and base of hillside. Combining limestone, clay, sand and marl, it presents five soil types. This diversity in such a small, continuous area, is what makes Château Franc Mayne exceptional.

Franc Mayne possesses a concentration of the main characteristics of this part of the Saint Emilion appellation.

Facing north-west, the fairly cool vineyard benefits from an excellent orientation. The ongoing restructuring, which will double the area of Cabernet Franc, aims to reveal the terroir’s strengths and to adapt to the changing climate. Planted on the limestone plateau, to which it is particularly suited, Cabernet Franc complements the superb roundness of the Merlot, which is characteristic of the appellation and the predominant variety at Franc Mayne.

The terroirs and grape varieties combine to offer a broad aromatic palette. It is all of these nuances that come into play at the blending stage, and which give Château Franc Mayne’s wines their complexity

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Nature preserved

The technical installations and 18th century residence nestled among the vines blend harmoniously with the abundant biodiversity that can be found at Château Franc Mayne. The estate is home to a rich ecosystem, and the owners are committed to preserving this natural setting.

Respect for the vines, respect for people who live around them, and respect for people who visit them: our team works on a daily basis, instinctively protecting the environment.

Château Franc Mayne has gone a step further, beginning conversion to organic winegrowing in 2019.

Already a part of our vine and vineyard practices, this approach is consistent with our choice of ageing the wines in underground quarries.

A jewel in Saint Emilion’s landscape

Château Franc Mayne presents a classic landscape for the region. A house in light-coloured stone, encircled by vines that ripple away in all directions. Set back from the road, the property is protected by the nature that surrounds it. An integral part of the estate’s character, the majestic silhouette of hundred-year-old trees encompasses the story of several epochs.

Mingling past and present, the two hectares of quarries that meander under the property add to its charm and unusual character. Dug over the course of centuries as stone was gradually removed, the tunnels now serve as a cellar to age the wines in barrels. Here the vintages follow one another, waiting in reverent silence, creating a magical atmosphere.

Nestled in the privacy of its seven hectares, Château Franc Mayne is an inspiration.

In this perfect setting for wine tourism, the teams carry out their tasks with meticulous care, with a view to obtaining the highest possible quality. In the vineyard and the winery, the same high standards of precision are observed, enabling the wines to express all the subtlety of the terroir.

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