A wine, a signature

Revealing potential

The area and configuration of Château Franc Mayne’s vines enable familiarity with every inch of its plots. This means that appropriate responses to every situation can always be made at the right time. For this reason, the technical team devotes most of its time to work in the vineyard, creating the conditions to obtain the best possible harvest and ensure the vineyard flourishes in the long term, with the adoption of organic methods since 2019.

This very precise management continues right up to the moment of the harvests, which are carried out entirely by hand. Ensuring that the grapes are picked at optimal ripeness is the key to revealing the vineyard’s diversity.

This plot-by-plot, customized approach is Château Franc Mayne’s signature, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Precision in the winery

After all the patient work in the vineyard, the challenge in the winery is to express the harvest’s full potential. During this period, all our senses are on high alert to detect and bring out the best characteristics of each batch, in accordance with its origin.

With ten relatively small temperature-controlled oak and stainless-steel vats, Château Franc Mayne’s winery is perfectly suited to the property’s intra-plot approach. The grapes are allocated to appropriate vats (size, oak or stainless steel) on the basis of selections identified in the vineyard.

Throughout the vinification and extraction process, the notion of appropriateness is combined with the imperative of precision which guides the property’s entire philosophy: to subtly express the nuances of the terroir in its two wines, Château Franc Mayne, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé, and Ilex de Franc Mayne, the second wine, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru.

Subtly expressing the nuances of the terroir.

Expressing balance

Château France Mayne’s goal is to produce wines with more density and richness, while at the same time favouring the expression of fruit, vigour and freshness. With the help of consultant oenologist Thomas Duclos, Martine Cazeneuve and Sophie Mage target this new, more elegant, more distinguished style during the vinification process. The wines are produced to be accessible when they are younger, while also maintaining their potential to be laid down and improve with age.

With an intensity balanced by the purity of the fruit and the silkiness of the tannins

The blends highlight the different profiles of each plot, with an intensity balanced by the purity of the fruit and the silkiness of the tannins. During the ageing period, we aim to preserve the vivacity and generosity obtained following the harvest and vinification stages, while also developing the wines’ complexity. The choice of vessel plays a crucial role. Half of the wines are aged in new French oak barrels, and the other half in vats and amphorae.

After a first year in the winery, the wines are transferred to the quarry cellars to finish ageing. With a constant temperature and ideal humidity, this completely natural environment offers the best conditions for the slow, gentle ageing of wines.

Fresh, elegant, full-bodied and dense with lots of personality.
Precise and distinguished, with crisp fruit and velvety tannins.

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